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  Agro Processing Training and Product Development  
The CRC operates within the Food Processing Technology industry it has the stated objective to enable micro and small-scale food entrepreneurs to become more prosperous, which would directly contribute to rural poverty reduction and improved livelihoods. Our core business involves facilitating the development of these enterprises by conducting and supporting research and development activities and by offering a series of food processing related training programmes.

Our training programmes include, technology advancement training in food processing (for example in: fruit and vegetables, grain, fish and dairy products, confectionery, bakery), food spoilage and preservation, food act, food packaging, management capacity development of entrepreneurs and rice flour based products. Additionally, the centre offers training of trainers (TOT) programmes that allows for the distribution of knowledge to a larger audience island-wide and also across South Asia.

The centre has a client base of over 10,500 trained participants, which includes aspiring/existing entrepreneurs, trainees from governmental and Non-Governmental institutes and students from five national universities and schools. Many of the training courses that are conducted by the CRC are supported through numerous government and NGO/INGO programs.

  • Stimulating rural employment, self sufficiency and entrepreneurial activity
    - By increasing the number and profitability of small-scale food processing enterprises in Sri Lanka and the Asia region. This ensures greater retention and better circulation of income in the village.

  • Providing appropriate training methodologies in food processing
    - This increases the income and employment opportunities and reduces the vulnerability of micro and small-scale entrepreneurs.

  • Providing efficient support for micro and small scale food processing businesses
    - By educating extension workers and trainers throughout the country and region, in technical capability and business advisory skills.

  • Improving micro and small-scale processors' access to information
    - By being on the constant lookout for low cost agro processing technologies, developing relevant products and processes

The vision of the CRC is to be the preferred provider of total solutions in food processing technology services to the micro and small-scale entrepreneur segment of the ASEAN region.


The CRC`s mission is to catalyse the socio-economic development of rural Sri Lanka by continuously enhancing the technical and managerial competencies of micro and small scale entrepreneurs through providing total solutions of the highest quality in food processing technology services.


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