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  India - Orissa Community Tanks Management Project ; indigenous peoples plan  
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The development objective of the Orissa Community Tanks Management Project is to renovate 900 tanks across seven river basins of Orissa. The indigenous peoples plan (IPP) plan aims to assure that indigenous peoples (IPs) are treated with dignity and respect and that the project benefits are culturally appropriate, including provisions for respect to their dignity, identity and diversity, and that their quality of life will be improve if not restored to pre-project standards. Mitigation measures, include : keep to a minimum possible acquisition of additional land required for tank renovation; comply with tank specific hydrological assessment reports; project affected peoples (PAPs) will be extended compensation and rehabilitation / livelihood assistance; a Grievance Redressed Committee will be set up at the district level (under the leadership of the District Collector) to deal with grievances of PAPs relating to land acquisition and encroachment issues; consultations will be held with all stakeholder groups / PAPs prior to planning and implementation of each new intervention under the project; ensure that RAP implementation is in accordance with the agreed resettlement and rehabilitation (R&R) framework; provide / organize training required on R&R social issues to support organizations (SOs) and PAPs ; and finally, throughout the project design and implementation adhere to the legal and regulatory resettlement and social provisions included in the legislation of the Orissa State, including among others the Orissa Prevention of Land Encroachment Act, 1972 which deals specifically with procedures for managing encroachment and deciding claims of encroachers, and the Bank's operational directives on Indigenous Peoples(OP 4.10) and resettlement of displaced persons (OP 4.12).

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